Aldeguer Secures Ducati Ride for 2025

Aldeguer Secures Ducati Ride for 2025



February 29th, 2024

The future of MotoGP's highly-rated talent, Aldeguer, has been secured with the news that the 18-year-old Spaniard has signed a deal with Ducati to join Pramac Racing on factory machinery in 2025. This move, revealed by, solidifies Aldeguer's rapid rise in the MotoGP world, having claimed five grand prix victories and a third-place finish in the Moto2 championship last year.

Aldeguer Arrives at Pramac

Aldeguer's potential isn't lost on current Pramac rider Jorge Martin, despite his limited experience of just 48 grand prix starts. "Yeah, I think he's ready," Martin declared during Pramac's 2024 livery launch. "We saw his potential last season, and now it's time for him to demonstrate it consistently over a full season, aiming for a championship fight. Undoubtedly, he's currently the strongest in Moto2."

Aldeguer's arrival at Pramac inevitably means that one of the current riders, Martin or Franco Morbidelli, will need to make way for the young prodigy next year. Martin has openly expressed his desire to step up to the factory Ducati squad, a move that would have materialized this year had he secured the 2023 title.

Uncertainties Loom for Pramac as Rider Reshuffle Awaits

However, with reigning world champion Francesco Bagnaia expected to retain his seat and other talented riders vying for a spot alongside him, Martin's promotion is far from guaranteed. "It's still early," Martin admitted when questioned about his future. "We have to wait and see. I believe Ducati wants to finalize their plans, and I think they've already chosen Bagnaia. He deserves it, for sure. But I need to showcase my abilities. If I can replicate my performance from last year, there should be no other option. My priority is to secure the factory Ducati seat, but if not, we'll have to see what the future holds."

The arrival of Aldeguer certainly throws Pramac's future into question, with both Martin and Morbidelli facing uncertain situations. While Aldeguer's talent is undeniable, questions linger about how he will adapt to the MotoGP stage and whether he can live up to the high expectations. The upcoming season will be crucial for both Aldeguer and Pramac, with the young Spaniard aiming to prove his readiness for the premier class and Pramac navigating their future rider lineup.

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