Andy Reid Coaching Future With The Chiefs Discussed Getty

Andy Reid Coaching Future With The Chiefs Discussed



April 22nd, 2024

Rumors of retirement have swirled around Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid, but according to former NFL head coach Mike Smith, those whispers may be premature. At 66 years old, Reid boasts an impressive coaching career spanning over three decades. Will Andy Reid and his future, however, remain intertwined with the Chiefs?

A Coaching Legacy: From Assistant to Champion

Reid's journey began as an assistant for the Green Bay Packers in 1992. He then took the helm as head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles in 1999, leading them for 14 seasons. Since joining the Chiefs in 2013, Reid has cemented his status as an NFL coaching great. Under his leadership, the Chiefs have secured an astonishing eight consecutive AFC West division titles and hoisted the Lombardi trophy three times.

With star quarterback Patrick Mahomes, a mere 28 years old, likely to dominate the field for another decade, Andy Reid and his coaching future appears bright. Despite his age, Reid's proven track record and continued success suggest he'll be calling the plays for the Chiefs for years to come.

"I don't know how much longer he's going to go, but I don't anticipate him stepping out before [Patrick] Mahomes does," Smith told Betway Insider. This sentiment highlights the strong connection between Reid and Mahomes.

The Verdict on Andy Reid And His Future

Smith further emphasizes, "He's going to stay right where he is as long as Mahomes is there. If Patrick decides he wants to retire early, then Andy may consider retiring." However, Smith underscores Reid's passion for the game:

"People don't realize coach Reid is a grinder. He loves the preparation as much as the competition. He's the mad scientist and we see it with all the Andy Reid signature plays which they run in pivotal moments."

While a definitive answer to Andy Reid and his future remains unknown, all signs point towards him continuing to lead the Chiefs for the foreseeable future. His dedication to the game, combined with the presence of a generational talent like Mahomes, suggests a strong partnership that will continue to challenge for championships.

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