Ankalaev vs. Walker 2 : Ankalaev Emerges Victorious in Dramatic Rematch

Ankalaev vs. Walker 2 : Ankalaev Emerges Victorious in Dramatic Rematch



January 15th, 2024

The highly anticipated Ankalaev vs Walker 2 rematch at UFC Fight Night 84 lived up to the hype and then some, with Magomed Ankalaev claiming a decisive second-round knockout victory and reclaiming his place as a top contender in the light heavyweight division.

After a tumultuous 2023 that saw Ankalaev vs Blachowicz end in a controversial draw and his initial Ankalaev vs.Walker bout ruled a no-contest due to an illegal knee, the Russian came out with a purpose. Facing another potential setback against Walker, Ankalaev weathered the Brazilian's early onslaught before finding his range in the second round.

A thunderous right jab from Ankalaev sent Walker crashing to the canvas, where he remained unable to defend himself, forcing the referee to intervene and award Ankalaev the TKO victory. This marks Ankalaev's 12th fight without a loss and sends a clear message to current champion Alex Pereira - Ankalaev vs Pereira in a stand-up battle could be next on the horizon.

Key takeaways from the Ankalaev vs Walker 2 fight

Ankalaev's resilience: Despite a challenging year and questions surrounding his legitimacy, Ankalaev displayed remarkable mental fortitude to bounce back and secure a dominant victory.

Ankalaev's striking prowess: While known for his wrestling, Ankalaev showcased his impressive stand-up skills, particularly the pinpoint jab that brought Walker down.

Implications for the light heavyweight division: With this emphatic win, Ankalaev re-establishes himself as a top contender and sets the stage for potential clashes with Pereira, Glover Teixeira, and other light heavyweight veterans.

Ankalaev vs Walker 2 proved to be a pivotal moment in Ankalaev's career, demonstrating his ability to overcome adversity and emerge as a force to be reckoned with in the 200-pound division. As Ankalaev vs. Pereira becomes a tantalizing possibility, the light heavyweight landscape promises to be even more captivating in the months ahead.

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