Barcelona Puma Deal: A big Offer for Sponsorship offer on the Way

Barcelona Puma Deal: A big Offer for Sponsorship offer on the Way



March 14th, 2024

The future of FC Barcelona kit sponsorship is heating up, with sportswear giant Puma making a significant move to lure the Catalan giants away from their longtime partner, Nike with a tempting deal.

Puma's Lucrative Offer

According to reports from Spanish journalist Luis Rojo, Puma is prepared to offer a staggering €100 million signing bonus to FC Barcelona if they secure the sponsorship deal. This hefty sum would be available immediately upon signing, potentially providing much-needed financial relief for the club.


But the big cats aren't stopping there. Puma's reported annual offer of €120 million dwarfs Nike's current deal, which sits at €85 million with an additional €20 million in performance-based variables.

While the financial windfall offered by Puma is undeniably attractive, Barcelona faces a complex decision. Their existing partnership with Nike stretches back to 1998, fostering a long-standing relationship and brand familiarity.

What Does This Mean for Fans?

The possibility of a Barcelona Puma deal has sent ripples of excitement through the fanbase. Fans can expect a potential shift in kit design and branding, with Puma undoubtedly eager to leverage the global reach of FC Barcelona.

Will Barcelona Make the Switch for the Puma deal

Whether Barcelona chooses the familiar comfort of Nike or takes a lucrative leap with Puma remains to be seen. Negotiations are likely ongoing, and any final decision will significantly impact the club's financial future and fan experience.

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