Boxing World Heats Up as De La Hoya Takes Aim at Mayweather Over Ryan Garcia

Boxing World Heats Up as De La Hoya Takes Aim at Mayweather Over Ryan Garcia



January 11th, 2024

Boxing promoter Oscar De La Hoya has ignited a public feud with rival Floyd Mayweather, criticizing his recent interactions with rising star Ryan Garcia. The tension stemmed from photos circulated online showing Mayweather and Garcia jogging together and visiting a shopping mall, prompting De La Hoya to voice his displeasure on Instagram.

De La Hoya highlighted the established partnership between Golden Boy Promotions, his company, and Garcia, a key fighter in their stable. He detailed the recent developments, mentioning Garcia's initial interest in a fight against Devin Haney, which seemingly shifted post-meeting with Mayweather to a preference for Rolando Romero.

Golden Boy vs. TMT:

De La Hoya emphasized Golden Boy's crucial role in Garcia's professional development since his debut, propelling him to become a major boxing attraction. "Pre-run with Floyd = Ryan wants Haney. Post-run with Floyd = Ryan wants Rolly," De La Hoya wrote, implying Mayweather's influence on Garcia's decision-making.

He further asserted Golden Boy's commitment to Garcia's success, declaring, "We will make his fight with Rolly into a huge event, as we always do." While acknowledging Mayweather's potential boxing expertise, De La Hoya delivered a strong message: "Floyd, if you want to give Ryan the secret to defense in the ring, that's great. Other than that, if you are still a promoter like it says here, f*** off."

Garcia's Next Move:

Currently, Garcia remains without a confirmed opponent, although he has publicly expressed interest in facing Rolando Romero. His recent convincing knockout victory over Oscar Duarte on December 2 provided a much-needed boost after previous setbacks, including a defeat to Gervonta Davis.

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