Caitlin Clark Makes History as No 1 Pick to Indiana Fever AP

Caitlin Clark Makes History as No 1 Pick to Indiana Fever



April 16th, 2024

The Indiana Fever secured the electrifying talent of Caitlin Clark, the NCAA's all-time leading scorer, with the number one pick in the 2024 WNBA Draft. This highly anticipated selection marks a new chapter for both Clark and the Fever franchise.

A Star's Rise in Indiana

Clark, a household name thanks to her record-breaking college career at the University of Iowa, brings not only scoring prowess but also a captivating playing style. Fans are familiar with her signature long-range shots and dazzling passing abilities, which were a major reason why a record-breaking 18.9 million viewers tuned in to watch Iowa compete for the national championship.

Reuniting and Reigniting

The Fever's decision to draft Clark wasn't a surprise. Clark's talent was undeniable, and the Fever, eager to revitalize their team, saw her as the perfect missing piece. She'll be joining forces with last year's number one pick, Aliyah Boston, a former teammate from their USA Basketball Under-19 days. This reunion promises an exciting brand of basketball for Indiana Fever fans.

Clark's journey to the WNBA has been a whirlwind. After a heartbreaking loss in the national championship game, she received the John R. Wooden Award and even graced the stage of Saturday Night Live. Through it all, she remains grounded, expressing her gratitude for the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.

The Future of the WNBA with Caitlin Clark at Indiana Fever

The arrival of Caitlin Clark to Indiana Fever signifies a bright future for the WNBA. Her captivating style and infectious enthusiasm are sure to attract new fans to the league. This, coupled with her undeniable talent, promises to elevate the league's overall viewership and excitement.


Beyond the First Round

While the spotlight was on Clark, the draft delivered a range of other talented players ready to make their mark on the WNBA. From prolific scorers like Stanford's Cameron Brink to defensive powerhouses like South Carolina's Kamilla Cardoso, the future of women's basketball is brimming with promise.

Although lacking a first-round pick, the two-time defending champions, Las Vegas Aces, capitalized on their second-round selections. They secured the talents of Iowa's Kate Martin, a teammate of Clark's, and Dyaisha Fair, the NCAA's third all-time leading scorer.

A Dream Come True

The 2024 WNBA Draft was a night of dreams coming true. For Caitlin Clark, it marked the culmination of a lifelong ambition. For the Indiana Fever, it signified the dawn of a new era. For the WNBA, it promised a season filled with captivating matchups and rising stars.

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