Chiefs press room falls apart

Chiefs press room falls apart



December 12th, 2023

Chris Jones  stormed out of his postgame news conference following Sunday's game after Chiefs press room falls apart for the second time. 

This is the second time this year that the team's press room has collapsed, and it's a great metaphor for how the 8-5 Chiefs' 2023 NFL season has unfolded after back-to-back defeats.

On October 12, there was the first incident in the press room. Water poured through the ceiling, splitting one of the tiles in half.

The Chiefs have the most dropped passes in the NFL this season and need to revamp their system, but the problems appear to extend beyond the field.

Chiefs Frustration

Jones, 29, was noticeably angry throughout the game and took his frustrations out on a coach, who banged his iPad in front of the Chiefs' leader.

Jones' decision to leave the news conference demonstrates his dissatisfaction, but he is far from the only one in Kansas City who is upset.

During their postgame news conferences, Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid both slammed referees for ruling an offensive offsides.

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