Chiefs Rashee Rice Wanted After Multi Car Crash

Chiefs Rashee Rice Wanted After Multi Car Crash



April 2nd, 2024

The Dallas Police Department is seeking to speak with Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Rashee Rice following a multi car crash accident that occurred on Saturday evening. The incident, which involved a suspected high-speed race between a Lamborghini and a Corvette, has left several people injured and shaken.

High-Speed Race Leads to Multi-Car Crash

According to police reports, the Rashee Rice car crash unfolded around 6:20 pm on a highway in northeast Dallas. A Lamborghini and a Corvette, allegedly racing in the far left lane, collided, causing the Lamborghini to lose control and strike the center median wall. The out-of-control Lamborghini then careened into other vehicles, including a white Hyundai Accent driven by 27-year-old Kayla Quinn.

Thankfully, the car crash resulted in no serious injuries. However, four individuals, including Ms. Quinn and her four-year-old son, did sustain minor injuries. The Dallas Morning News reported that the accident caused multiple vehicles to spin and even flip in the air.

Eyewitnesses claim that after the car crash, five unidentified men exited the Lamborghini and the Corvette. These individuals reportedly walked to the highway shoulder and then proceeded to a nearby train station, leaving the scene entirely. Ms. Quinn stated that none of the men, including the suspected driver of the car crash, stopped to check on the well-being of those involved in the accident.

"We had children in the car," Ms. Quinn told the Dallas Morning News. "It's the fact that there was no sympathy shown... You couldn't even have the decency to stop and check?"

Unanswered Questions Linger After Rashee Rice Car Crash

In an effort to aid the investigation, Ms. Quinn provided the Dallas Morning News with video footage of the Rashee Rice car crash. The video reportedly shows a man in a white t-shirt, believed to be from the Lamborghini, walking past the accident scene. Additionally, the video captures damage sustained by several vehicles, including Ms. Quinn's Hyundai.

Further details surrounding the Rashee Rice car crash continue to emerge. Police recovered a pair of white cleats left behind in the Lamborghini, and another witness claims to have seen guns and bags being removed from the vehicles involved.

The primary focus of the investigation is to determine whether Rashee Rice, 23, was indeed the driver of the Corvette. Police are seeking to question him to gain a clearer understanding of the events leading up to the Rashee Rice car crash.

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