Conor McGregor UFC Return? A Fight On The Way

Conor McGregor UFC Return? A Fight On The Way



March 11th, 2024

Conor McGregor and his highly anticipated UFC return remains shrouded in mystery. While the 35-year-old Irish superstar enjoys his A-list celebrity status, fans eagerly await his next fight inside the Octagon.

Will McGregor Make A UFC Return 

McGregor's recent activities have fueled speculation. Promoting his upcoming role in the "Road House" reboot, he celebrated the film's release with fans while indulging in his Proper 12 whiskey. St. Patrick's Day plans also involve "a lot of partying," according to the Irishman.

However, McGregor's commitment to partying raises questions about his training regime. His last UFC fight dates back to July 2021, a leg-breaking loss to Dustin Poirier. Despite this, McGregor confidently expects a comeback UFC fight against Michael Chandler in July, the closing event of International Fight Week.

"I'm hoping to get it," McGregor declared. "Tell Hunter Campbell to start getting the ball rolling. I've got a lot on my plate - press, partying for St. Patrick's Day..."

Looking beyond Chandler, McGregor envisions a trilogy fight with Nate Diaz in September. He famously lost to Diaz in 2016 but avenged that defeat with a thrilling victory later that year.

However, UFC president Dana White has already thrown cold water on a McGregor-Chandler fight this summer. "Yeah, I'm not doing that fight," White stated recently.

McGregor Wants Answers

Taking to Instagram, McGregor addressed his 47 million followers. He expressed his desire to defeat Chandler followed by a Diaz rematch. "This is what I want," he posted. "Chandler in June, Diaz in September. I've made this clear."

Frustration simmers regarding his next fight. "Still holding out hope for June 29th," McGregor wrote. "But the lack of action is killing my enthusiasm. I need a decision soon."

McGregor highlights his active training under the UFC's new regime, yet remains without a fight date. "The game feels a bit lackluster right now," he added. "I hope things pick up and I get a date. Time to eliminate distractions and focus on real training."

Will McGregor answer the call and return to the UFC this summer? Only time will tell. But one thing is certain: Fans are yearning to see the "Notorious" back in action.

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