Could Sergio Aguero play football again?

Could Sergio Aguero play football again?



February 23rd, 2024

Sergio Aguero who retired in 2021 due heart health issues. He suffered a cardiac arrhythmia while he was still playing for BarcelonaAguero shared an audio from his cardiologist, informing the football world that he could possibly play again.

The statement from Aguero's heart specialist informing him that he could return to playing football: "It's possible." The way things are going so far, you won't have any problem playing at some point. Logically we have to do the tests and make you run as if it were a game. And it's true, when you have the two central defenders... you have to make a fake or something like that, you have to be well prepared." his cardiologist continued .

Will Aguero reappear again in the football world 

Aguero shared the cardiologist's audio in response to a fan's question about a potential offer from his "close friend" Carlos Tevez to return to Independiente de Avellaneda.
Aguero mentioned that during his playing career, his goal was to retire at Independiente by returning for a short period of time. The plan was to play here and then discard the boots. That did not occur.

Aguero on the arrhythmia: "I felt like I was choking, I didn't feel pain"

Aguero mentioned to Juan Pablo Varsky that he thought he was going to pass out when he needed medical attention on the field in the Barcelona versus Alaves match.The former Argentine football player described how he felt a lot of pressure in his head at that time. I believed it was due to my physical condition and I thought: 'Sh*t, I'm really sick.'

What Next for Aguero

Th chances that Aguero could play football again are high and almost thrilling. As he shared the audio in his TikTok account and raised the hopes of fans everywhere. A Last Dance for Aguero would probably break the internet and be as "crazy" as it can.

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