Did Zuckerberg Jinx Volkanovski? Topuria Triumphs at UFC 298

Did Zuckerberg Jinx Volkanovski? Topuria Triumphs at UFC 298



February 18th, 2024

The Honda Center witnessed a stunning upset at UFC 298 as Ilia Topuria (15-0) dethroned Alexander Volkanovski (26-4) with a second-round knockout, claiming the undisputed featherweight championship. But did the presence of tech billionaire Mark Zuckerberg, sporting a Volkanovski tracksuit, bring bad luck to the Australian champion?

From Domination to Downfall: Topuria's Masterclass

The undefeated challenger dominated the fight from the start. His precise strikes controlled the first round, and he carried the momentum into the second. A devastating left-right combination followed by a flurry of punches left Volkanovski crumpled on the canvas. Ground-and-pound sealed the deal, granting Topuria a historic victory and his first UFC title.

"They tell you you can't do it," Topuria declared in his post-fight interview. "But trust yourself, work hard, have faith, and anything is possible."

 His journey to the gold, filled with doubters and challenges, resonated with fans worldwide.

Mark Zuckerberg's appearance in Volkanovski's corner sparked discussions. While some saw it as a mere show of support, others questioned its impact. Did the tech giant's presence influence the fight's outcome? The answer remains debatable.

Billionaire Showdown: Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg - Still a Dream?

Adding to the intrigue, Elon Musk, rumored to be a potential opponent for Mark Zuckerberg in a MMA fight, sat ringside. Could this be a hint at their rivalry spilling over into the Octagon? Only time will tell.

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