Draymond Green's Indefinite Suspension may cost him six figures

Draymond Green's Indefinite Suspension may cost him six figures



December 15th, 2023

Golden State Warriors' Draymond Green is facing a season-altering suspension of indefinite length, and the financial implications are staggering. Each missed game will cost him a hefty $153,941 if it lasts under 20 games, and an even steeper $202,922 if it goes beyond that. This adds up to a six-figure hit per game, leaving Green and the Warriors grappling with the consequences of his on-court actions.

The Incident and the Suspension

The trigger for this suspension was Green's third ejection of the season, a controversial moment where he struck Phoenix Suns' Jusuf Nurkic in the face during an inbound play. While Green claims he was drawing a foul, the NBA is taking a zero-tolerance approach due to the nature of the incident.

Indefinite Means “Get Yourself Right”

Unlike most suspensions, which come with a set number of games, the NBA opted for an open-ended punishment in this case. This decision, according to NBA executive Joe Dumars, prioritizes Green's mental and emotional well-being over simply serving a fixed penalty.

"We didn't want to do that," Dumars said on ESPN's "First Take." "What we wanted to do was, we knew there would be some level of punishment, but we didn't want that to be the focus. We wanted the focus to be on how can we help Draymond as well. We thought indefinite was the best way to do that so people don't get caught up on, 'The number, is it too low? Is it too high?'"

Draymond's Response and the Warriors' Challenge

While the financial impact is significant, Warriors' GM Mike Dunleavy Jr. reports that Green is handling the situation with understanding and remorse. The team intends to keep him involved and offer support during the suspension, hoping to avoid similar incidents in the future.

However, the Warriors face a tough challenge without their fiery leader. Their 2-5 record in Green's absence speaks volumes about his on-court impact. Adapting to his absence and finding ways to win without him will be a crucial test of the team's resilience.


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