Everton Hit with Another Points Deduction for Financial Breaches Getty

Everton Hit with Another Points Deduction for Financial Breaches



April 8th, 2024

Everton's fight against relegation took a significant blow after the Premier League slapped them with a further two points deduction for breaching Profitability and Sustainability Rules (PSR). This latest Everton points deduction comes on top of the six-point penalty they received earlier this season, raising serious concerns about the club's financial management.

The punishment stems from financial irregularities reported during the three-year cycle leading up to the 2022-23 season. Premier League regulations allow clubs to accrue losses of up to £105 million over a three-year period. However, Everton admitted exceeding that limit by a staggering £16.6 million.

Everton Second Points Deduction This Season Raises Financial Concerns

The Merseyside club argued their case before an independent commission, highlighting the possibility of "double punishment" due to the earlier points deduction. They emphasized the "significant mitigating circumstances" brought on by the war in Ukraine and their full cooperation with the investigation.

Despite these arguments, the commission deemed  two points deduction necessary. This points decision dropped Everton one place in the Premier League table, placing them precariously close to the relegation zone.

The club expressed "extreme concern" regarding the perceived inconsistency in applying points deductions across different PSR breaches. They pointed to the recent four-point deduction handed to Nottingham Forest as evidence of this disparity.

Everton has vowed to appeal the latest points deduction. They remain committed to working with the Premier League on future PSR matters but highlight the need for a more consistent approach to sanctions.

Impact on the Relegation Battle

This latest points deduction throws Everton and their Premier League survival into further doubt. While their recent 1-0 victory over Burnley offered a glimmer of hope, the two-point penalty significantly tightens the relegation race.

The club expressed gratitude to its fans for their unwavering support throughout this challenging period. They remain determined to fight for Premier League survival despite the mounting financial pressure.

The future of Everton hangs in the balance as the success of their appeal against the points deduction will be crucial in determining their fate. The club must also address its underlying financial issues to ensure long-term sustainability and avoid further sanctions.

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