Francis Ngannou vs Anthony Joshua: Late Fight Start Blamed

Francis Ngannou vs Anthony Joshua: Late Fight Start Blamed



March 21st, 2024

The highly anticipated heavyweight boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou in Saudi Arabia took a surprising turn. Despite surviving a first-round knockdown, Ngannou was ultimately knocked unconscious in the second round. Following the fight, Ngannou pointed towards the late fight time as a factor affecting his performance.

Ngannou Questions Unusual Fight Schedule

Ngannou claims the unusual schedule for the fight, which began at 3:00 AM local time, played a role in his defeat. He highlighted the long wait time at the arena before the fight, stating that he was picked up at 10:30 PM and only received confirmation of the fight schedule around 1:45 AM. This meant Francis Ngannou spent significantly longer at the venue compared to Anthony Joshua, who reportedly arrived closer to fight time. Ngannou believes this extended pre-fight wait contributed to fatigue.

Describing the fight itself, Ngannou admitted to having a fragmented memory. He expressed surprise at being knocked down by the first punch, stating, "I was more surprised about the fact that I'm falling down from that punch than the punch itself." Ngannou regained his footing but acknowledges his vision and memory remained blurry throughout the fight. He doesn't recall the period between returning to his stool after the first round and the start of the second round, suggesting a potential lapse in focus.

Fragmented Memory and the Aftermath of the Francis Ngannou Anthony Joshua Fight

While the loss to Anthony Joshua raises questions about Francis Ngannou and his future in boxing, it's important to remember this was only his second professional boxing bout. Whether Ngannou chooses to pursue a rematch with Joshua or return to the octagon in the UFC remains to be seen. This fight, however, has undoubtedly generated significant interest in potential future boxing matchups for the hard-hitting Cameroonian.

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