Ilia Topuria Upsets Volkanovski And Calls Out McGregor

Ilia Topuria Upsets Volkanovski And Calls Out McGregor



February 18th, 2024

Ilia Topuria (15-0) lived up to his word, defeating Alexander Volkanovski in the second round via knockout to capture the UFC featherweight championship. From the octagon, the newly crowned champion wasted no time in issuing his first challenge, setting his sights on the biggest name in the division: Conor McGregor.

"If you still have some balls," Topuria, nicknamed "The Matador," declared to the Irish superstar, "I'll be waiting for you in Spain."

Topuria's ambition burns bright, already setting his sights on his next conquest. But his sights aren't solely focused on individual glory. He also took the opportunity to remind UFC President Dana White of a long-held desire: bringing the world's premier MMA organization to Spain.

"Dana, it's time to shine," Topuria stated, addressing White directly. "It's time to bring the UFC to Spain."

Intriguing Matchup Awaits Between Ilia Topuria and McGregor

A potential Topuria vs. McGregor fight would undoubtedly capture the imagination of fight fans worldwide. McGregor, a former featherweight champion himself, remains a box-office draw despite recent setbacks. Topuria, with his undefeated record and impressive knockout power, has quickly become a force to be reckoned with.

Spain Eager for UFC Spotlight:

Topuria's call for a UFC event in Spain echoes a long-standing desire from the passionate Spanish fight fans. Hosting a UFC event in the European nation would be a significant move, potentially tapping into a new and dedicated market.

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