Isaac Pitbull Cruz: A Boxing Champion With Eyes on the Future Getty

Isaac Pitbull Cruz: A Boxing Champion With Eyes on the Future



April 9th, 2024

Isaac Pitbull Cruz, the current WBA super lightweight champion, embodies the spirit of a true champion. His journey to the top is a testament to his unwavering courage and relentless determination.

Isaac Pitbull Cruz: Reflecting on Past Battles and Setting His Sights on the Future

Cruz recently reflected on his past battles, highlighting the burning desire for victory that continues to fuel him. When asked about a potential fight with Ryan Garcia, Cruz displayed his focus. "It's all the same to me," he declared. "I'm going to focus on whoever it is, that a good agreement is reached."

However, Cruz's eyes hold a deeper yearning - a rematch against the formidable Gervonta Davis. He views his previous encounter with Davis not as a defeat, but as a valuable lesson that has propelled him to new heights. Cruz, a warrior who never surrenders, acknowledges his desire for a rematch but remains committed to his own growth. "The desire and the chip on my shoulder is still there," he admits, "but I'm not going to stop my career. I'm going to focus on shining and being a reference for Mexican boxing."

A Legacy of Inspiration

Isaac Pitbull Cruz has cemented his place in boxing history as an indomitable warrior. His unwavering spirit and perseverance serve as an inspiration for aspiring fighters. Every fight, every challenge, every victory is a testament to his unwavering passion. Cruz's story is a beacon of hope, urging others to chase their dreams with the same burning desire that he carries within him.

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