Jermall Charlo Bashes Canelo Rumors

Jermall Charlo Bashes Canelo Rumors



February 15th, 2024

Against the stunning backdrop of pristine beaches and turquoise waters, Jermall Charlo, the unbeaten WBC middleweight champion, found himself caught in a whirlwind of speculation about his upcoming opponent. However, in the midst of all the media frenzy, Charlo found a moment to clarify things. His relaxing vacation in Turks and Caicos, filled with rum punch, provided a much-needed contrast to the intense speculation.

Jermall Charlo Responds to Speculation Surrounding His Next Fight

Charlo calmly addressed the speculation surrounding a potential match-up with Canelo Alvarez, putting an end to the rumors in a casual Instagram Reel. His tranquil demeanor matched the serene backdrop of his surroundings. "I haven't even had a conversation with Al Haymon since my last fight," Charlo casually responded, dismissing the excitement that had spread throughout the boxing community.

In light of recent news suggesting a potential showdown between Charlo and Canelo, the Texan fighter displayed a strong sense of realism. "People keep asking if there's confirmation about you fighting Canelo, but there's no official announcement yet." "I'm in the islands somewhere," he joked, making it clear that although the fight may be popular among fans and experts, it is not yet confirmed. The video, recorded on February 14th, provided a glimpse into Charlo's Valentine's Day celebration with his family, highlighting a moment of calmness amidst the ongoing speculation.

However, hidden beneath the calmness of the vacation, Charlo's fierce determination burned. His impressive comeback to the ring in November, following a long break, resulted in a win against Jose Benavidez Jr., although it was above the middleweight limit. Despite his continued dominance as the WBC middleweight champion, Charlo has not competed in that weight class since June 2021. His absence can be attributed to injury and a focus on his mental well-being.

Charlo sets sights on middleweight domination

Rest assured, Charlo's break hasn't diminished his sharpness. He continues to be a strong contender for Canelo's upcoming match, determined to reclaim his position as the dominant force in the middleweight division. There are others accompanying him in the ring. There is also the possibility of Tijuana's Jaime Munguia becoming an opponent for Canelo, even though Canelo recently hinted at facing a contender from outside of Mexico. This opens up the negotiations, allowing for different possibilities - from a potential later showdown to a potential accelerated clash on May 4th if everything falls into place.

As Charlo enjoys a relaxing time in the Caribbean, putting rumors to rest and cherishing moments with his family, it is evident that his passion continues to shine. He is poised to regain his position as the king of the middleweight division, and the entire boxing community is eagerly anticipating his next move. Whether it's a high-profile Canelo fight or another exciting middleweight showdown, one thing is certain – Jermall Charlo has returned, and he is prepared to engage in an intense battle.

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