Joel Embiid Injury Update And His Impact

Joel Embiid Injury Update And His Impact



February 12th, 2024

The question most fans ask on when will Embiid return could finally have an answer. The return of Joel Embiid from the knee injury remains optimistic, to the president of Philadelphia 76ers Daryl Morey, aiming for a potential postseason comeback. Joel Embiid has had a surgery from his knee injury and has been sidelined for the past five games. This is what we know from the Joel Embiid injury update so far and the time when Embiid will return.

Although Morey declined to provide details regarding the process, he voiced dissatisfaction at the team's inability to acquire a successor for Embiid in the wake of attempts to strengthen the backup center position. 

Morey statement :

"We're hopeful,"

"Feedback has been more good than bad since we first heard about what led to his procedure. So we're hopeful, and we're building the team to make it better this year."

"Obviously, it's not at 100 perecnt. But with Joel playing at an MVP level, hopefully, he could get back to that. And this is a year that we have a real shot.

"There's a lot of ways to not win the title. Winning a title is hard; Joel not coming back at the level we hope is one of the ways we can't win a title this year, most likely.

"But you always want to be among the best teams, and that means taking risk on the injury front and that's where we are at right now."

The Importance Of Joel Embiid In The Squad

A number of players and second-round picks were traded in four trades that included the 76ers acquiring veteran guards Buddy Hield and Cameron Payne in separate deals. Embiid has been a huge asset to the squad this season, averaging 35.3 points and 11.3 rebounds per game, so his absence will be difficult. In spite of the loss, Morey is optimistic about Embiid's prompt recuperation and the team's chances of having a good postseason run.

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