Josh Giddey Liv Brook Breaking Up Reason Revealed

Josh Giddey Liv Brook Breaking Up Reason Revealed


December 7th, 2023

Josh Giddey has made news recently after it was revealed that he was in a relationship with a young woman called Liv Cook.

According to reports, Giddey was not aware of her age when the two had a one-night stand

Why did Giddey break up with Cook

According to the New York Post, Giddey chose to end his relationship with Cook because he learned she wasn't the age she claimed she was.

According to the article, the Thunder guard thought she was 19 when they met in a bar in 2021. Giddey is claimed to have ended the connection the next day after discovering she was under the age of 18.

The problem is made considerably more complex by the club's location in Oklahoma City. Oklahoma has a consent age of 16.

Nonetheless, Newport Beach, California police are looking into the incident. Prior to that, the NBA declared that it was conducting an investigation.

It all started with a since-deleted social media post last month by an anonymous user who claimed a girl seen with Giddey in videos and images was a high school junior at the time. The account was later disabled.

Giddey turned 21 in October and has thus far declined to comment, as have the Thunder.


Attorney Gloria Allred is represeting the family of Liv Brook

This news come after attorney Gloria Allred revealed that she will represent the family of the girl accused of having an inappropriate contact with Giddey.

For decades, Allred has been a well-known champion for women in situations involving prominent men and celebrities.

She is a founding member of Allred, Maroko & Goldberg (AM&G), a company noted for litigating women's rights claims and high-profile court fights.

Her business handles more women's rights lawsuits than any other private firm in the country and has successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of their clients.
Aside from women's rights lawsuits, AM&G represents individuals who have encountered discrimination because of their gender, color, age, physical disability, or sexual orientation.

They have handled sexual harassment, AIDS discrimination, and wrongful termination claims. Allred is also the founder and president of the Women's Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund.


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