Kerr Makes the Case of Curry for GOAT Status

Kerr Makes the Case of Curry for GOAT Status



December 21st, 2023

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr throws fuel on the GOAT debate, declaring Steph Curry the most skilled player in NBA history, and potentially, the greatest of all time.

Curry's recent overtime masterpiece against the Boston Celtics, where he led the Warriors to a 132-126 victory, sparked renewed discussions about his legendary status. Kerr, echoing the sentiments of NBA icon Shaquille O'Neal, believes Curry should be firmly in the GOAT conversation.

Shaq Ignites the Debate

O'Neal, a champion in his own right, kicked off the firestorm by suggesting Curry belongs in the top 10 all-time. Kenny Smith, another NBA legend, pushed the envelope further, claiming Curry even surpassed Shaq on the GOAT list. Surprisingly, Shaq agreed, praising Curry's unparalleled skill, tireless work ethic, and consistent championship pedigree.

Kerr Doubles Down

"Love that," Kerr declared, fully backing Shaq's claims. "The argument that maybe isn't even an argument is the most skilled player of all time... I just look at Steph as the most skilled basketball player I've ever seen."

Skill Master or Defensive Enigma?

While Curry's offensive genius is undeniable, some critics point to his defense as a potential chink in his GOAT armor. His detractors might argue that legends like Michael Jordan and LeBron James hold a defensive edge, questioning if he truly belongs in their company.

Offense Reigns Supreme?

Proponents of Curry's GOAT candidacy counter that his offensive brilliance transcends individual metrics. They argue that his total impact on the court, revolutionizing the game with his long-range mastery and gravity-defying shots, is unmatched in NBA history.

The Debate Rages On

The GOAT discussion is a passionate and complex one, with strong arguments on all sides. Whether Curry ultimately claims the throne is still up for grabs. But one thing remains clear: with Steve Kerr as his champion, and his electrifying skills on display, Steph Curry is a force to be reckoned with, and the GOAT conversation won't be complete without him.


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