Kevin Garnett Accused Lebron James of using steroids

Kevin Garnett Accused Lebron James of using steroids



March 7th, 2024

Lebron James is standing tall at 39 years-old breaking records and dominating games. No more than a few days ago he became the first player to surpass 40,000 points. Even in this state that needs to be praised, Lebron has still Rumours and accusation around him. This time NBA legend Kevin Garnett while arguing with Paul Pierce on his podcast 'KG CERTIFIED w/ Kevin Garnett', accused Lebron James of using steroids.

Former Celtics teammates got into an argument about a possible draft of Bonny James and eventually the question if Bronny could beat Lebron in a 1vs1. During the argument Kevin Garnett accused Lebron James by saying that he is 'using that new BALCO stuff', without stating any additional information about it .


Who are BALCO

The company Garnett is mentioning is the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, commonly known as BALCO, which was closed in 2003 following a scandal where the lab secretly provided performance-enhancing substances to athletes.

Implicated in the scandal were MLB's all-time home run leader Barry Bonds, legendary NFL linebacker Bill Romanowski, and other well-known athletes in different American sports.

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