Kick Sauber Car Launch Dazzling New Livery and C44 Car

Kick Sauber Car Launch Dazzling New Livery and C44 Car



February 6th, 2024

The Kick Sauber era in Formula 1 has officially begun, marked by the launch of their C44 car and a dazzling new livery. This exciting reveal signifies a new chapter for the team, following their departure from title sponsor Alfa Romeo.

Striking Livery Signals Fresh Start

Gone are the familiar red and black hues. Instead, the C44 dons a bold and vibrant green color scheme, paired with sharp black accents. This eye-catching livery reflects the team's fresh identity and their enthusiasm for the season ahead.

More than just a new paint job, the C44 boasts a significant number of technical advancements. Notably, this car launch features a completely new front suspension and revised sidepods, engine cover, and floor by Kick Sauber. These changes, coupled with further updates planned for the opening rounds, demonstrate the team's commitment to performance improvement.

Team Principal Confident, Drivers Optimistic:

Team Representative Alessandro Alunni Bravi expressed his confidence in the C44's potential, emphasizing the team's commitment to improvement across all areas. Drivers Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu echoed this sentiment, highlighting their high expectations for the season and their eagerness to extract the maximum potential from the new car.

Technical Director James Key elaborated on the extensive changes made to the C44, showcasing the team's ambitious approach to development. He expressed his excitement to see the car's performance on track and believes it holds significant potential.

Kick Saube Ready to Hit the Track with new car launch

The C44 will make its debut on Friday during a shakedown in Barcelona. This will be followed by pre-season testing in Bahrain before the season officially kicks off at the same venue.

Kick Sauber is on a bold new chapter is upon us as they come with a new car launch. With a striking car, ambitious changes, and a determined team, they are poised to make a mark on the 2024 Formula 1 season. Can they deliver on their promise of improvement and climb the championship ladder? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: the Kick Sauber C44 is a car to watch.

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