Lakers in Limbo? Odom Says "RUN THE TRIANGLE!!!" Is the Answer. Is He Right?

Lakers in Limbo? Odom Says "RUN THE TRIANGLE!!!" Is the Answer. Is He Right?



January 8th, 2024

The Los Angeles Lakers are facing a familiar foe: inconsistency. Despite boasting LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Purple and Gold have stumbled through the season, leaving fans bewildered and pundits searching for solutions. Enter former Laker champion Lamar Odom, who recently dropped a bombshell on "There is only 1 way to fix the Lakers… RUN THE TRIANGLE!!!"

But is Odom's call to resurrect the triangle offense, a relic of Phil Jackson's Zen reign, a stroke of genius or a nostalgic delusion? Let's delve into the complexities of this suggestion.

The Triangle's Triumphant Past

The triangle offense, a complex system built on precise spacing, cutting, and passing, powered the Lakers to five championships between 2000 and 2010. Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, and later Pau Gasol, thrived within its intricate dance, exploiting mismatches and generating high-percentage shots. However, the system's demanding nature and learning curve often deterred other teams.

Can the Triangle Save the Modern Lakers?

Odom's enthusiasm has merit. The current Lakers lack offensive flow and cohesion. The triangle, with its emphasis on ball movement and reading defensive rotations, could address these issues. Additionally, LeBron James, with his basketball IQ and passing prowess, possesses the potential to be a triangle maestro, much like he did in Miami's more flexible version.

Challenges and Doubts

However, resurrecting the triangle comes with significant hurdles. Today's NBA favors pace and spacing, traits often antithetical to the triangle's deliberate nature. Integrating younger players into the system's complexities could be time-consuming and frustrating. Furthermore, coach Darvin Ham's offensive philosophy leans towards spacing and driving, a stark contrast to the triangle's intricate footwork and postups.

The Final Verdict: Triangle Trial or Time Capsule?

Odom's proposal is a gamble, but considering the Lakers' current predicament, it might be worth exploring. The team possesses the core talent to run the triangle effectively, and LeBron's leadership could bridge the generational gap. However, success hinges on several factors: a patient approach, dedicated buy-in from players and coaches, and most importantly, time.

Ultimately, whether the triangle becomes the Lakers' savior or remains a nostalgic memory, Odom's bold suggestion reignites the debate about offensive philosophies in the modern NBA. While some may deem it outdated, others, like Odom, see its intricate beauty as a potential solution to the Lakers' woes. Only time will tell if the triangle can rise again in LA, but one thing's for sure: Odom's passionate plea has added a fascinating wrinkle to the Lakers' already compelling narrative.

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