Lamine Yamal Accusation, Age Fraud Rumors Debunked

Lamine Yamal Accusation, Age Fraud Rumors Debunked



March 13th, 2024

Barcelona's young star Lamine Yamal has recently been the target of an accusation regarding his age. These rumors stem from a video uploaded two years ago, titled "16-YEAR-OLD LAMINE YAMAL HAS EVERYTHING TO BE THE FUTURE OF BARÇA!"


The crux of the accusation lies in the video's title, which seemingly contradicts Yamal's current reported age. However, a closer look reveals the truth: the video was uploaded two years ago.

The video description itself debunks the rumors. It clarifies that Yamal was indeed 15 years old at the time of filming, which aligns with his current reported age. AS @WorldSport24com suggested about the falsely accusation of Lamine Yamal

Focus on Facts


The video's title reflects Yamal's age at the time of filming (two years ago). The video description explicitly states Yamal's age as 15 and debunks the rumors. A trusted source, "@WorldSport24com," is referenced to support the information.

Lamine Yamal's talent and dedication at La Masia, Barcelona's renowned youth academy, remain the true focus. This incident highlights the importance of verifying information before spreading rumors, especially those concerning young athletes.

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