Lando Norris The Next F1 Champion?

Lando Norris The Next F1 Champion?



January 30th, 2024

Lando Norris, yet to notch a Grand Prix win in his career, has earned a bold comparison from his team boss, Andrea Stella. According to Stella, the young Englishman sits alongside champions like Michael Schumacher, Fernando Alonso, and Kimi Raikkonen in terms of pure talent and potential.

Is Norris Poised to Join F1's Pantheon?

This statement carries weight, considering Stella's experience working with these legends during his time at Ferrari. The recent contract renewal between Norris and McLaren further showcases the team's unwavering belief in his ability to break through and claim victory. This commitment even surpasses the tempting prospect of joining Max Verstappen, Norris' close friend, at Red Bull.

"Lando is right up there with them," declares Stella, now McLaren's boss. "He has the same caliber, the same champion's mentality, the raw talent, and the dedication. He's fully prepared, and just like true champions, he shows continuous improvement."

Intriguingly, McLaren's lone victory in recent years came from rookie Oscar Piastri, albeit in the Qatar sprint race. This was the same race Verstappen secured his third world title. Adding Checo Perez's two sprint wins and Carlos Sainz's Singapore triumph, only these four victories challenged Verstappen's dominance last season.

Can Norris Challenge Verstappen's Dominance?

"Champions consistently get better year after year," Stella explains, praising the likeable Norris who finished sixth in the championship, a mere point behind Alonso and Charles Leclerc, and double the points of his young teammate. "They use intelligence, work ethic, and surround themselves with the best. They strive for constant improvement because the sport keeps getting fiercer."

Norris' future seems bright, fueled by the unwavering belief of his team and the evident parallels drawn to legends. Whether he reaches the heights of Schumacher and Alonso remains to be seen, but his dedication and potential are undeniable. And if Stella's words hold true, the world might just witness the rise of a new champion in the years to come.

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