LCR Honda Boss Welcomes MotoGP Success

LCR Honda Boss Welcomes MotoGP Success



February 26th, 2024

Lucio Cecchinello, the head of the LCR Honda MotoGP team, has shared his contentment with the enhanced investment and updated working system of the Japanese manufacturer.

Since its inception in 2006 with Casey Stoner, the LCR Honda team, founded by the former racer, has consistently utilized Honda machinery. During their career, they have achieved four wins, three with Cal Crutchlow and the latest one with Alex Rins at the 2023 United States Grand Prix, which was the last victory for a Honda rider.

LCR Honda MotoGP is excited about Honda's renewed efforts to achieve success.

Even with Honda's recent challenges, finishing at the bottom of the 2023 constructors' standings, Cecchinello's role within the HRC organization is more crucial than before. He recently shared with that Honda had to make a crucial decision with major consequences for all those in the championship.

"Given the bike's lack of competitiveness last year, Honda faced a critical decision: either invest more in MotoGP or pull out completely,"

Cecchinello acknowledged, showing his support for the decision made by the leadership of the Tokyo-based company.

Honda's primary focus remains on motorcycles, despite their venture into rocket production for space exploration. They chose to stay loyal to their origins and stay in the championship," he added.

With a strong drive to reclaim their competitive edge, the Japanese company is focused on quickly revamping a powerful motorcycle. "This year, there has been a notable rise in Honda personnel involvement," Cecchinello noted.

"Honda's leadership has highlighted the importance of enhancing the MotoGP project's competitiveness, and this dedication begins with a stronger focus on allocating financial resources," he stated.

Over the last year and a half, Honda has experienced a notable restructuring, which included the introduction of various important personnel adjustments. Ken Kawauchi took over as the technical director from Takeo Yokoyama a little over a year ago, coming from Suzuki. After Shinichi Kokubu left, Shin Sato took over as the MotoGP project leader at the recent Japanese Grand Prix. Tetsuhiro Kuwata, the general manager, will be stepping down in April, and Taichi Honda will be taking over his position.

Although these modifications are important, they have not had the same impact as Marc Marquez's move to Gresini Ducati. However, Honda, the leading brand in the competition, seems focused on regaining its top position in the standings. Their approach is greatly dependent on working closely with LCR.

Joining forces to create a stronger future

"Honda has embraced a fresh strategy for bike development this year," Cecchinello explained. In the past, the test team would perform initial analyses and then pass on the components to the factory team for evaluation. Only once they gave their approval would the parts be sent to us.

However, there have been some changes. Currently, the test team is sharing their discoveries and distributing the components to all four starting riders at the same time. By working closely with the factory team, HRC can now gather data and feedback from all riders at the same time, which has greatly improved the efficiency of the system," Cecchinello emphasized.

With a fresh perspective, increased resources, and a team-oriented strategy, both LCR Honda and Honda seem ready for a powerful return in the upcoming MotoGP season.

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