Lebron James Responds to Warriors Trade Rumours

Lebron James Responds to Warriors Trade Rumours



February 19th, 2024

Amid the rumours that a possible move of James to the Warriors was in talks, a response came for the 39 year-old. Lebron James and Stephen Curry would be the duo of the dreams of every NBA fan and that could happen at the Golden State Warriors.

As per the legendary basketball player, he is uncertain about the trade as he claims it has come as a surprise to him. Indeed, he was completely unaware of it. That rumor can be put to rest for now, indicating his commitment to the Los Angeles Lakers in the near future. Prior to his 20th NBA All-Star game, the 6'7" power forward Lebron James, was informed of a rumor involving the Warriors reaching out to the Lakers for a trade, which was dismissed by the front office. "I actually heard about it when everybody else heard about it," James explained to TNT.

A reaction from Curry

The warriors are currently struggling in their regular season as they stand at the 10nth place just one place lower than Lakers. LeBron's potential to revolutionize the team could make them contenders for the NBA Finals, a feat they achieved four times between 2015-2022. 

Stephen Curry expressed his lack of surprise regarding the reports, according to NBC Sports. "It's always unexpected when information is leaked, as I believe all teams are engaging in similar discussions that are not always public knowledge.

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