Mark Coleman Released from Hospital After Heroic Act

Mark Coleman Released from Hospital After Heroic Act



March 19th, 2024

Former UFC fighter Mark Coleman emerged a hero last week after bravely entering his burning childhood home to save his parents. The 59-year-old MMA icon risked his life by venturing into the inferno not once, but three times, ultimately rescuing his loved ones. Coleman's heroism came at a cost, with severe smoke inhalation leading to hospitalization and a period described by his children as a "fight for his life." Now Coleman has finally been released from hospital.

Coleman Released from Hospital After Heroic Rescue

Following a week of battling for recovery, his unwavering spirit won out, and Coleman was finally released from the hospital. Taking to social media on Monday, he delivered an optimistic update to his fans, expressing his heartfelt appreciation for their unwavering support during the harrowing ordeal. "God is great. I am healing up very well," Coleman conveyed on his Instagram page.

The tragic fire erupted at around 4:00 am at his parents' residence in Toledo, Ohio. Despite Coleman's heroic efforts, the family's beloved pet, Hammer, sadly perished in the blaze, believed to have originated in the kitchen.

Reflecting on the experience, Coleman after the released from hospital acknowledged the physical toll it took, mentioning the soreness in his lungs and burning eyes. However, his optimism remained undimmed. He declared himself "one of the luckiest men in the world," emphasizing the importance of moving forward and cherishing each day as a gift.

Community Rallies Behind UFC Legend Mark Coleman

In a display of incredible support, the MMA community rallied behind Coleman. To help with his medical expenses, his family launched a GoFundMe campaign, initially targeting $100,000. The campaign surpassed expectations within days, receiving over $120,000 in generous contributions.

Remarkably, Coleman wasted no time reconnecting with his passion. Shortly after Coleman got released from the hospital, he shared an Instagram video showcasing his visit to a nearby gym. This swift recovery and indomitable spirit are a testament to his resilience and unwavering determination.

Mark Coleman's actions in the face of adversity have cemented his legacy as more than just a legendary UFC fighter. He has emerged a true hero, embodying courage, strength, and an unwavering commitment to overcoming life's challenges.

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