Mbappe to Madrid Done Deal, former PSG Player Confirms

Mbappe to Madrid Done Deal, former PSG Player Confirms



February 6th, 2024

Transfer rumors have swirled around Kylian Mbappé for months, but this week brought new developments fueling the fire of a potential Mbappe to Madrid done deal. The latest whispers suggest negotiations are underway, and a decision could be imminent.

Mbappe To Madrid Done Deal Under Negotiations

 Fabrizio Romano, renowned transfer journalist, reported on Monday that representatives of Mbappé and Real Madrid's board are engaged in discreet talks, sanctioned by PSG itself. This secrecy hints at the seriousness of the discussions and underscores the potential magnitude of the move.

 Adding fuel to the fire, Laure Boulleau, former PSG player and ambassador, confidently declared Mbappé's transfer to Real Madrid a "done deal" on Tuesday. While her statement lacks official confirmation, it reflects the growing belief within football circles that a transfer is nearing completion.

 Boulleau acknowledged Mbappé's deep affection and respect for PSG, suggesting he will treat the decision with maturity and communicate it directly to club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi before any official announcement. This aligns with Romano's report, further emphasizing the respect involved in the potential transition.

No Signed Documents, But Time is Ticking

 It's crucial to note that, despite Boulleau's confident assertion and ongoing negotiations, no official documents confirming a transfer have been signed with Real Madrid, PSG, or any other club. However, the increasing chatter and Mbappe's contract expiring in June point towards a resolution approaching.

Whether a formal Mbappe to Madrid done deal announcement arrives soon or not, the future of one of football's brightest stars hangs in the balance. His decision will undoubtedly send shockwaves through the footballing world, shaping the landscape of both PSG and Real Madrid for years to come. All eyes are now on Mbappé, as he prepares to reveal his next move and write the next chapter in his remarkable career.

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