Mbappe to Real Madrid, Kroos Welcomes Potential Transfer

Mbappe to Real Madrid, Kroos Welcomes Potential Transfer



March 25th, 2024

French superstar Kylian Mbappe remains a hot topic, but both he and Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos have downplayed the drama surrounding a potential move to the Bernabéu.

Kroos on Adding Mbappe to Real Madrid

In a recent interview, Kroos acknowledged Mbappe's talent, stating: "We want the best players in Madrid & he is certainly one of them." However, he emphasized the team's current strength, saying: "The important thing is to win things & of course it would be nice for Madrid, but I think we already have a good team."

Mbappe to Real Madrid

Mbappe on His Future

Mbappe himself confirmed that fans will know his decision "before the Euros," suggesting an official announcement on whether he will go to Real Madrid. He also revealed a sense of calmness regarding his future, stating: "People will know my future before the Euros. I'm very calm about it" and "My future is no longer a huge topic at the club, no one talks to me about it anymore." He seems focused on the upcoming international competition, adding: "I'll be at the Euros with a calm head, ready to do great things."

Mbappe to Real Madrid

What Does This Mean for the Transfer?

While Mbappe's comments don't definitively confirm a move to Real Madrid, they do suggest a resolution is coming soon. The positive remarks from Kroos, a key figure at the club, hint at a welcoming environment for the French star.

Both Kroos and Mbappe seem to prioritize team success over individual decisions. This bodes well for whichever club Mbappe ultimately chooses, with a focus on collective achievement rather than individual accolades.

The world will have to wait a little longer for Mbappe's official announcement. While a move to Real Madrid seems likely, Kroos' comments suggest the team's core remains strong regardless of the outcome. As both players shift their focus towards upcoming competitions, fans can expect an official announcement from Mbappe in the near future.

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