McGregor vs Chandler to be Announced at UFC 300 UFC

McGregor vs Chandler to be Announced at UFC 300



April 11th, 2024

The fight world is abuzz with rumors of a potential Conor McGregor vs Michael Chandler clash being announced soon, possibly as early as tomorrow! With UFC 300 just around the corner, fans are clamoring for a blockbuster main event, and this lightweight showdown could certainly fit the bill.

While UFC 300's fight card has been met with mixed reactions, the addition of McGregor, a former two-division champion known for his star power and explosive fighting style, would undoubtedly generate immense excitement. Initially, fans were hopeful McGregor would grace the historic event with his return, but President Dana White remained tight-lipped.

However, a recent report from MMA Uncensored has thrown a potential McGregor vs Chandler fight into the spotlight. According to the report, both fighters are expected to attend the UFC 300 press conference, and Dana White might even use the platform to officially announce their June matchup. The report adds that McGregor and Chandler could even share a much-anticipated face-off, adding further hype to the potential fight.

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This news comes as welcome relief for fans eager to see McGregor back in action. The Irishman has been sidelined for several years due to a serious leg injury, but reports suggest he has been fully recovered for at least a year. Meanwhile, Michael Chandler has been vocal about his desire to fight McGregor, calling him out after his victory over Tony Ferguson.


While MMA Uncensored's report is not yet corroborated by other major outlets, the prospect of McGregor vs Chandler is undeniably intriguing. Both fighters are known for their aggressive styles and knockout power, promising an explosive encounter.

UFC fans around the world are certainly crossing their fingers for this rumor to materialize. An official announcement from Dana White and the confirmation of a June fight date would be a cause for much celebration.

So, who would win in a fight between McGregor and Chandler? Only time, and potentially UFC 300, will tell.

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