Messi Back To Barcelona? Laporta Shed light to the matter

Messi Back To Barcelona? Laporta Shed light to the matter



December 20th, 2023

The mere mention of "Messi Back to Barcelona" sends shivers of excitement down the spines of Culés worldwide. While Lionel Messi's emotional departure in 2021 left a gaping void in the Blaugrana's attack, recent whispers of a potential return have ignited the flames of hope. Fueling these rumors are none other than Barcelona president Joan Laporta's own statements, suggesting that a Messi homecoming, in some form, could be on the horizon.

"We are open to doing it when they want to do it," Laporta declared, acknowledging the undeniable pull of the Barcelona legend. He went on to emphasize Messi's unparalleled legacy, stating, "Messi is the best player in history and, given how much we respect and admire him, of course he deserves a tribute at Barcelona." These words resonate with millions who yearn to see the diminutive maestro weave his magic once again at the Camp Nou.

However, Laporta also sheds light on the practicalities surrounding a potential "Messi Back to Barcelona" scenario. He clarifies that the initial plan for a loan spell during Inter Miami's off-season fell through due to Messi's desire for stability, a decision Laporta fully respects. Looking ahead, Laporta offers two possible dates for a grand return: "I don't know if it will be when we return to the Spotify Camp Nou at the end of 2024 or when the stadium is fully built by July 2026." While official game-time is out of the question for now, Laporta's openness to an exhibition match is music to the ears of fans eager to witness their hero grace the familiar turf once more.

The prospect of "Messi Back to Barcelona," even in a non-competitive capacity, holds immense significance. It's a chance to mend bridges, express gratitude, and celebrate the extraordinary bond between a club and its greatest player. The roar of the Camp Nou erupting for every dribble, every touch, every inch of magic Messi conjures up would be a moment etched in Blaugrana history.

While a full-fledged return to competitive action might remain a wistful dream for now, Laporta's words leave the door ajar for a different kind of homecoming. A chance to relive the glory years, a chance to say "gracias" to the magician who wore the Blaugrana with such distinction. The flickering flame of "Messi Back to Barcelona" burns bright, fueled by both nostalgia and the hope that, in one form or another, the footballing world will once again witness the genius of Lionel Messi at the Camp Nou.

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