Michael Chandler says he will Knock Out Conor McGregor in two rounds

Michael Chandler says he will Knock Out Conor McGregor in two rounds



December 7th, 2023

Michael Chandler exhibits confidence despite not fighting in almost a year. The American fighter claims that his long-awaited showdown with Conor McGregor will finally take place in early 2024, expressing confidence in "turning out the lights" on his Irish opponent.

The fight between Chandler and McGregor was confirmed by UFC president Dana White in February. He did not, however, reveal any facts about the next fight, such as the date, location, or weight class.

Chandler recently told talkSPORT.com that a bout with McGregor might take place in the first quarter of 2024. 

Chandler Thought On The Fight 

Chandler's most recent fight was in November 2022, when he was defeated by compatriot Dustin Poirier by submission. McGregor's most recent battle, again against Poirier in July 2021, ended with a leg injury soon before the finish of the first round.

Chandler has been preparing for this specific opponent. Chandler said that he is going to be a differnt type of animal in the ring with Connor.

He stated that he has been meticulously analyzing McGregor's fight and training films in order to prepare for the fight, adding, “We've got a nice little game plan we're putting together down in Florida.”

"I don't know if it's going to be a right hand, a left hook, or a body shot," he said of the latter. I need a body shot knockout, and I'd prefer it to come from Conor McGregor, but we'll see."


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