Mikel Arteta to Manchester United is possible claims Rio Ferdinand

Mikel Arteta to Manchester United is possible claims Rio Ferdinand



February 27th, 2024

The rumours Mikel Arteta have resurfaced, with former Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand fueling rumors of a potential move to the Red Devils. In a recent video on his FIVE YouTube channel, Ferdinand boldly claimed that Arteta would "100% leave Arsenal" if Manchester United offered him their managerial position. He highlighted that although this is not a present situation, it could potentially happen if certain hypothetical events were to occur.

A dream or A plan

Ferdinand envisioned a scenario where Manchester United could potentially part ways with their current manager, Erik ten Hag, either through mutual agreement or because of an attractive offer from a club like Bayern Munich. In this situation, Ferdinand implies that Mikel Arteta could be a top choice for Manchester United, which might result in a contentious switch between rival clubs in North London.

It's crucial to keep in mind that this is purely speculative and there are no concrete indications of either Manchester United seeking a new manager or Mikel Arteta expressing any desire to leave Arsenal. He is currently under contract with the Gunners until next year and has previously shut down rumors connecting him to other clubs.
The discussion surrounding Arteta potentially joining Manchester United has sparked differing opinions among fans. While some Arsenal fans might be concerned, others recognize the appeal of leading a club with Manchester United's history and resources. Manchester United supporters may find Arteta's potential to introduce a distinctive tactical style and rejuvenate the club interesting.

What next for Mikel Arteta and Manchester United

Although it seems implausible at the moment, this rumour shows how the world of football management is constantly evolving and how unexpected opportunities might pop up. Whether this stays an abstract potential or becomes a real possibility is something that can only be determined by the passage of time.

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