Oscar De La Hoya wants to Fight Dana White

Oscar De La Hoya wants to Fight Dana White



February 27th, 2024

Former 11 time champion and Olympic boxing gold medalist Oscar De La Hoya wants to put again his gloves to fight UFC president Dana White. De la Hoya at 51 years old retired 15 years ago but still eager to put a fight. De La Hoya aka the Golden Boy is considered one of the best boxers ever.

Oscar De la Hoya is eager to fight in a high-profile event alongside UFC president Dana White. He expressed his challenge for White to join him in the ring for a 'crossover' fight on 'The MMA Hour podcast, under certain conditions.

According to sources, a potential fight between The Golden Boy and White could hinge on a bantamweight matchup between Ryan Garcia and Sean O'Malley from the UFC. However, it appears doubtful that Dana White would approve such a bout.

Will the O'Malley vs Garcia fight take place?

Sean O'Malley expressed interest in potentially facing Gervonta Davis or Ryan Garcia in the boxing ring in the future. However, Ryan Garcia responded by suggesting a UFC fight instead, but the likelihood of this match materializing is slim. Garcia mentioned reaching out to UFC president Dana White to arrange the fight, but acknowledged that his messages were not responded to.

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"I've already sent text messages to Dana, I've already got people that are connected to Dana to ask him let's do this, I'll come to UFC, pay me a bag, I'm there." De la Hoya stated.

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