Rear Grip Remains Major Hurdle for Honda in MotoGP

Rear Grip Remains Major Hurdle for Honda in MotoGP



February 26th, 2024

Exciting new addition to the Honda team Luca Marini has emphasized the importance of being patient as the team prepares for the upcoming season, which presents a major obstacle. Honda is aiming to bounce back from a two-year period with just one victory and no championships since 2019.

Even though the 2024 RC213 shows advancements from the previous model, Honda is still lagging behind its competitors as the season draws near. "We tried everything we could and learned a lot," Marini said after the final day of testing in Qatar. We have gathered a significant amount of data and are well-prepared for the upcoming Grand Prix.

Honda recognizes the difference but emphasizes enhancements

Marini identified a noticeable difference between Honda and its rivals, especially when utilizing soft tires. "It feels like a significant difference, especially when we opt for the soft rear tire, we are unable to fully exploit its potential," he elaborated. He highlighted the progress in terms of rider experience on the motorcycle. "I'm satisfied with certain aspects, but the difference is clear, particularly with the soft rear tire," he remarked.

Marini was surprised by the impressive advancements made by Honda's competitors during pre-season testing, advising the team to stay patient as they will eventually close the gap. He recognized the progress made by other teams, emphasizing their impressive lap times in Qatar and Sepang. "Our lap times were within expectations," he continued. "We understand we are currently lagging, but we ask for your patience. We will reach our destination.

Honda has the advantage of extra testing opportunities for their race riders during the season, as well as the option to upgrade the engine.

Identifying the rear grip as a crucial area for enhancement

At the moment, the main focus for Honda is the rear grip. Marini highlighted that the lack of traction is affecting his ability to push for fast lap times and his braking performance. "We face challenges with braking, particularly when using the new rear soft tire," he elaborated. "Our braking efficiency with the rear tire is not as strong as Ducati's, giving them a notable edge in such scenarios."

Marini adjusts riding technique to tackle traction challenges

To address the rear grip limitations, Marini has adapted his riding technique. "I'm evolving and enhancing," he stated. Today's ride had a different feel compared to yesterday, which was a nice change. I will work on improving my strategy for the beginning of the season.

"Our main priority should be enhancing rear grip," Marini stressed. "It's the aspect where we have the most room for improvement." Although there are other aspects that could be enhanced, the rear grip is currently impacting our performance on both soft and used tires. We need to focus on this area to stay ahead in the market.

By recognizing the obstacles and concentrating on enhancing rear grip, Honda aims to narrow the distance to its rivals and get back to competing for podium positions in the upcoming MotoGP season.

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