Richard Sherman And His Return to "Undisputed" Remains Unclear

Richard Sherman And His Return to "Undisputed" Remains Unclear



March 19th, 2024

Former NFL cornerback Richard Sherman's absence from FS1's "Undisputed" continues to raise eyebrows. Sherman has not graced the television screen since spending 55 hours in jail last month on a DUI charge. Although Richard Sherman return to Undisputed still remains unclear.

Richard Sherman Return to 'Undisputed' in Question After DUI Arrest

This absence comes despite Sherman's recent comments suggesting a pre-planned hiatus. On March 13th, the 35-year-old took to Twitter, stating his absence from "Undisputed" alongside Skip Bayless "was the plan all along." Sherman further suggested the DUI arrest wasn't the reason for his break, tweeting:

"I will be back. When football topics are getting hotter, I will be back."

Many fans anticipated Richard Sherman and his return to "Undisputed" this week. After all, the NFL free agency period has been buzzing with activity, a time typically ripe for hot takes and heated debate – Sherman's specialty. However, Sherman remained absent, leaving viewers confused.

Meanwhile, Skip Bayless continues hosting the show alongside fellow NFL veterans Michael Irvin and Keyshawn Johnson. This continued presence from other analysts deepens the mystery surrounding Richard Sherman with a return to "Undisputed."

Hot Takes on Hold Amidst NFL Free Agency Frenzy

While off television, Sherman hasn't been entirely silent. He released his first podcast episode since the arrest on March 13th, the same day as his tweet. Notably, he has yet to reappear on Amazon Prime, another platform where he holds an analyst position.

The situation becomes even more complex considering Sherman's past legal troubles. In March 2022, he received a sentence of 24 months of monitored supervision after pleading guilty to criminal trespassing and negligent driving.

With free agency in full swing and fans eager for Sherman's return to the sports debate scene, all eyes remain on when Richard Sherman will return and rejoin "Undisputed." Whether his absence aligns with his pre-planned break or stems from the DUI arrest remains to be seen.

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