Roberto Garza On Chiefs: "Will Go Down On History"

Roberto Garza On Chiefs: "Will Go Down On History"



February 9th, 2024

Roberto Garza one of thirty Latin players in NFL history shares his thought on the Chiefs and Super Bowl. He has 212 games, 14 seasons ,ten years with with the Chicago Bears and four with the Atlanta Falcons. Garza a history maker being a 2007 Finalist and one of the few Hispanic players to be part of the NFL. 

Even though being retired for almost 10 years he has been very close with the game and the teams. In recent weeks, he has been traveling Spain, visiting Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia, to mention a few, ahead of the highly anticipated Super Bowl final on Sunday.

Promoting NFL world widely 

At the moment he is leading a initiative in Madrid to promote NFL. During 'Mini Monsters Clinics' Roberto Garza shares his thoughts on Chiefs with Marca:

"I expect a spectacular game"

He shed some light on the possible Super Bowl scenario. He explained that Christian Mccaffrey and Trent Williams lead the 49ers' ground assault, while George Kittle and Brock Purdy anchor the offensive line. But playing against Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce, and considering Andy Reid's offensive strategy is going to be highly's just really difficult to predict which one of us will come out on top.

“I think they've surpassed Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, or at least are tied or going to go down as the most historic duel in the playoffs,”

Explained about the chiefs game while appraising Mahomes and Kelce. They have a wonderful chemistry together and know one other very well. The reason they've come this far is that they're still the sort of team that scores points week in and week out," Garza recalls, reflecting on the influence of the two stars. 
If Kansas wins on Sunday in the United States, it would be the team's second consecutive Super Bowl victory, having won the previous edition. They would also become the sixth consecutive NFL champions.

Chiefs on Super Bowl

The Chiefs have won three Super Bowls in total, two of which have occurred in the previous four seasons, and a victory on Sunday would make them the sixth club in history to win four. That would bring them within two titles of the Patriots, who are largely regarded as the greatest franchise of all time.

Garza knows what it's like to play in the Super Bowl and understands the pressure and excitement that guys like Mahomes and Kelce will be experiencing these days. There is little question that the margins will be razor-thin in Monday's match. Even if there is little difference between the two clubs, it appears that the former NFL star has a slim preference.

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