Spencer Dinwiddie First Impressions with the Lakers

Spencer Dinwiddie First Impressions with the Lakers



February 13th, 2024

The rumours that Spencer Dinwiddie would join the Lakers had been swirling around for some weeks until it was finally a done deal by both parties. Dinwiddie recently joined the team and had his first practice win the Lakers facility. This move is a significant effort by the Lakers in spirits of  winning another title. The news came just after the player was seen with Rob Pelinka attending a Lakers game together.

First Statements

Spencer Dinwiddie is fully aware that the Lakers face a bullseye on their back every game. And the Los Angeles native is quite fine with that. "I'm a big believer in kind of doing what you need to do at whatever time it is," he states. His former Brooklyn Nets D’Angelo Russell teammate had some positive comments on him as well, “I’m a fan, but ya’ll get to know him soon”  

Dinwiddie explained that becoming a Laker was a special moment for him and his family. The team had prepared a NO. 26 jersey for his son Elijah. That detail is what made it all feel true for the Los Angeles native returning home.

Spencer Dinwiddie explains why he picked the Lakers over the Mavs: “Let’s say you’re a kid and you get your a*s whupped by the bully. Dallas would have been like your mama, like, ‘It’s OK, baby.’ … Lakers are like your dad: ‘Nah, you better go out there and fight ‘til you win.’”

Dinwiddie also explained some contract details while making some jokes with the reporters after his first practice 

Lakers Efforts

The Lakers have struggled after their In Season tournament Championship run. They are currently standing at the 9th place just above Golden State. The Lakers ae on 28-26 record and the arrival of Spencer Dinwiddie is seen as a boost to an offense that has been on and off throughout the season. Lakers will play the Pistons on Wednesday in hopes of gaining their rhythm back.  

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