Travis and Jason Kelce Retirement Might Be Close

Travis and Jason Kelce Retirement Might Be Close



December 14th, 2023

Travis and Jason Kelce retirement might be really close. Travis relationship with pop star Taylor Swift and older brother Jason Kelce contemplation to retire might be putting the NFL star in consideration to retire as well. 

Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs' top tight end, has seen a notable change in both his professional and personal life since he began dating music phenomenon Taylor Swift.

Aside from the team's performance, Kelce's individual numbers this season have drawn attention. Until Week 14, he averaged 11.2 yards per game, his lowest total since entering the NFL.
The Chiefs, along with Kelce, appeared to disguise this drop in attendance as long as Swift was present, leading to victory. However, the Chiefs' recent defeat to the Bills showed underlying issues for the franchise, foreshadowing a possible catastrophe.

Is Retirement Close ?

Additionally, Kelce's personal life might be changing. Jason Kelce, his older brother who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles, is thinking about retiring, and this might be his final season. Both brothers have spoken up about the physical toll of football and the difficulties it poses to their bodies.

With Jason at 36 and Travis at 34, it's unclear how much longer they'll be able to negotiate the grueling world of professional football.

"I was watching him [Travis] down on that Hail Mary (against Green Bay), and I was thinking he might be almost done," a member of the NFL coaching staff told the Athletic.


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