Travis Kelce explodes on Andy Reid

Travis Kelce explodes on Andy Reid



February 12th, 2024

Travis Kelce one of the best tight ends of the NFL history, has now reached the top of league together with his coach Andy Reid. During the second quarter Travis Kelce let the best get out of him in the Super Bowl. Seen from most of the world Travis Kelce grabbed  Andy Reid and yelled: "Keep me in". This happened after Isiah Pacheco fumbled in the red zone.

What Travis Kelce and Andy Reid have to say about his

After the win Travis Kelce was kind of shocked when was asked about the incident. As he was speaking with espn reporters he kept thing private and did not comment any more than saying that, "I was just telling him how much I love him". In reply to Kelce, Reid replied, "He keeps me young". No hard feelings or frustration was seen by any of them. Chiefs continued in the after party celebrating and this event was let in shadows for most of the fans.

Why was Kelce so Angry 

Kelce had been replaced on the play where Pacheco stumbled. Naturally, Kelce felt that if he had been the one out there blocking for Pacheco, the fumble would have been averted.

Players seldom criticize their head coach, but Kelce and Reid have a long history together and have earned their one-on-one time. Still, it's not a terrific appearance for someone who, because of his relationship with Taylor Swift, has been in the spotlight more than usual this season.

Kelce might possibly be in disarray with the 49ers defense holding him in check.

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