UFC Spain Gets a Target Date as Topuria Sets Sights on Bernabeu Battle! USA Today

UFC Spain Gets a Target Date as Topuria Sets Sights on Bernabeu Battle!



April 24th, 2024

 UFC champion Ilia Topuria has revealed exciting details about the upcoming debut of UFC Spain, including a potential location and timeframe.

UFC Spain Targets 2025 with Bernabeu Dreams

While a specific date hasn't been locked in, Topuria suggests early 2025 as the target window for UFC Spain's arrival. The grand stage for this historic event? The iconic Santiago Bernabeu stadium, home to Real Madrid football club.

Topuria envisions a unique experience for fans, suggesting a late-night, pay-per-view event with the main fight happening around 4-5 AM in Spain. This nighttime format, while logistically challenging, would undoubtedly create a captivating atmosphere for the live audience.

Defending the Title in Spain

The Spanish-Georgian fighter is particularly motivated by the prospect of defending his UFC featherweight title at UFC Spain. While Brian Ortega and Max Holloway are potential future opponents, Topuria's ultimate dream is a title defense inside the Bernabeu.


A Growing MMA Fanbase in Spain

The arrival of UFC signifies the growing popularity of MMA in the country. Topuria's championship reign further fuels this passion, and fans can expect a night to remember when UFC finally sets foot in Spain.

With a target date set and a legendary venue in mind, UFC Spain is no longer a dream but a reality on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled for further announcements and exciting matchups as the event nears.

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