Vinicius Junior Continues to Face Racist Abuse in LaLiga

Vinicius Junior Continues to Face Racist Abuse in LaLiga



March 19th, 2024

Real Madrid has taken a strong stance against the ongoing racist abuse directed towards their forward Vinicius Junior in LaLiga. On Monday, the club filed a fresh complaint with Spanish state prosecutors following reports of more hate chants targeting the Brazilian player. This comes just a week after Madrid filed a similar complaint regarding racist abuse aimed at Vinicius Junior outside the stadiums of Atletico Madrid and Barcelona before their Champions League matches.

LaLiga Under Fire for Failing to Address Racist Abuse Against Vinicius Junior

The latest complaint centers around alleged "Die, Vinicius" chants directed at the player by fans of Osasuna during a recent LaLiga match. Real Madrid has also filed a separate complaint with the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) against the referee of the match, accusing him of negligence for failing to include these chants in his official match report. The club called the referee's report "negligent" and stated that the official deliberately omitted mentioning the repeated insults and humiliating chants aimed at Vinicius Junior, despite being repeatedly informed by the players during the game.

This is not an isolated incident. Vinicius Junior, a Black player, has been relentlessly targeted by racist abuse throughout the past two seasons, particularly during away games in LaLiga. In 2023, the situation reached a disturbing new low when Atletico Madrid fans hung an effigy of Vinicius Jr. from a bridge before a city derby. Thankfully, the authorities took action, with prosecutors seeking four-year prison sentences for the fans involved.

A Call to Eradicate Racism in Spanish Football

Real Madrid has made it clear that they will not tolerate this kind of behavior. The club has demanded that LaLiga and the RFEF finally take concrete measures to eradicate the racist abuse that Vinicius Junior has been subjected to. They are also urging prosecutors to identify and hold accountable those responsible for the hateful chants.

Vinicius Jr.'s case highlights the ongoing issue of racism in Spanish football. It's crucial for LaLiga and the RFEF to implement stricter measures to combat this problem and ensure a safe and inclusive environment for all players.

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