Anthony Edwards Accused of Pressuring Model to Abort Pregnancy

Anthony Edwards Accused of Pressuring Model to Abort Pregnancy



December 19th, 2023

Anthony Edwards, rising star of the Minnesota Timberwolves, finds himself in the headlines for off-court reasons, facing serious allegations of pressuring a model to have an abortion. This comes at a crucial time for the team, currently enjoying the top spot in the Western Conference.

Model Paige Jordae took to Instagram, sharing alleged text conversations with Edwards. Her claims: he impregnated her, demanded an abortion despite her reluctance, and even offered $100,000 to facilitate the procedure. Jordae claims she went through with the abortion but was shocked to learn Edwards involved a lawyer.

Possible motivations behind Jordae's revelations: Coincidentally, Edwards' girlfriend, Jeanine Robel, recently announced her own pregnancy on social media. This might have conflicted with past assurances Edwards allegedly gave Jordae about not wanting children.

Edwards' on-court prowess shines, averaging 24.2 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 5.1 assists per game, contributing significantly to the Timberwolves' current success. However, the off-court drama poses potential distractions and challenges.

Edwards released a statement acknowledging the "heat of the moment" comments and their misalignment with his beliefs. He emphasized women's empowerment over their bodies and vowed to handle the matter privately. The statement didn't address specific allegations.

The Timberwolves remain mum on the situation. Their silence adds to the intrigue and speculation surrounding the controversy. With an upcoming game against the Miami Heat, it's unclear how much this will impact the team's focus and performance.


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