Travis Kelce Roasted by Annie Agar for Recent Struggles

Travis Kelce Roasted by Annie Agar for Recent Struggles



December 20th, 2023

"Travis Kelce roasted", trend of the day for the Kansas City Chiefs' once-untouchable tight end, has found himself on the receiving end of more than just footballs lately. After a dominant start to the season, Kelce has hit a serious wall, sparking a nationwide roasting session that's hotter than Mahomes' arm on game day.

It all started with a fumble – his first of the season – in a win against the Patriots. But the fumble was just the begging for him. A viral TikTok video by comedian Annie Agar, who impersonates NFL fanbases with uncanny accuracy. Agar, dressed as a Baltimore Ravens fan, threw shade like confetti with the line, "Didn't Travis Kelce have a drop too?" .

But Agar wasn't done. Switching to a Detroit Lions jersey, she upped the burn factor by declaring, "Well, he's no Sam LaPorta." LaPorta, the rookie Lions tight end, has been lighting up the field while Kelce sits in the touchdown shadows. Finally, donning Miami Dolphins gear, Agar delivered the coup de grâce: "Dating Taylor Swift has made him softer than a Drake album."

 To be fair, he did start the season like a man possessed, racking up four touchdowns in six games. But now, with just one touchdown in his last seven outings  it's hard to argue with the roasting brigade.

Some blame age, whispering that Kelce's reign as the king of tight ends is nearing its end. Others point to the Chiefs' evolving offense, favoring younger receivers like Rashee Rice and Kadarius Toney. Whatever the reason, the once-unshakeable Kelce is facing unprecedented scrutiny, and the fire under his cleats seems dimmer than the Chiefs' stadium lights at halftime.

Will Kelce rise from the ashes of these roasts and reclaim his touchdown throne? Or will he fade into the background, a victim of Father Time and Taylor Swift's cuddles? Only time will tell. But one thing's for sure: Travis Kelce, the roasted, is a trending topic that's hotter than a Chiefs fan on a sunny Arrowhead Sunday.

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